The Giorgio Armani Look

Giorgio Armani is quite famous for creating a certain look, and it’s one that you know immediately when you see it.

Frequently his designs include muted blue, grey and gold colours, carefully shaped waists, soft, luxurious textiles, and flowing pants with a tailored hip — all elements that you can find across the ages of photographs of Armani collections. Just looking back to adverts from the 1990’s shows that as much as he updated his lines with new fabrics and tones, the basics stay almost exactly the same.

You can find many criticisms of Giorgio Armani for this trait, with some fashion journalists accusing him of basically re-cycling the same look over and over again — although it is usually politely phrased to avoid being excluded from runway shows.

But in fact Armani himself sees this longevity as one of his key strengths:

“My aesthetic is aimed at a timeless elegance and sophistication, and not influenced by ephemeral trends. For this reason, my clothing has always been considered something that does not go out of fashion quickly, in other words: a good investment.”

Giorgio Armani, WWD, September 2009

That’s an interesting and perhaps quite unusual assessment from a fashion designer — that his clothes make financial sense.

But I can tell you I find that re-assuring. I think this project is going to cost me a small fortune over the next few years, and I want to have some sense that my investment is safe.

At my age, I don’t really want to be buying a fashion trend that will go out of style next weekend; I want to be buying a fundamental style that will keep me happily well-dressed for a decade or two.

That, plus the fact these clothes just look awesome when worn, are at the core of why I have rejected some of the more fashionable brands out there, and focussed on Giorgio Armani, who sums it all up perfectly like this:

“No! Not fashion! Elegance, elegance.”

 Giorgio Armani, Vogue, March 1992


2 responses to “The Giorgio Armani Look

  1. I love what Armani does, i get what you mean when you say you’ll be happily well dressed for a decade or two. It’ll stay in style for decades, and when it goes out you can sell it for the original price as ‘vintage’ 😀

  2. Thanks for your comment and encouragement — I do find it slightly bizarre to be talking about clothing in these terms, it is a major change for me, from just a few days ago and honestly I am a bit surprised how quickly it has happened.

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