Emptying the Current Wardrobe

Today I had the mother and father of all clear-outs.

Everybody occasionally clears out their wardrobe to make way for new items, but today I dumped literally 80%-90% of my clothes into the recycling bin — including suits and shirts from labels like Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss and Joop, and even some suits I had tailored in Hong Kong. Ties, belts and shoes saw no mercy either, although I did discover I owned a pair of Prada shoes (they stayed).

Actually, to be perfectly frank, it was not that hard at all.

Many of the items had been languishing in the cupboard for years without use, some of them were ill-fitting or were bad choices from the start, and have not been worn since they arrived in a shopping bag some years ago. They were just taking up space and I felt no pain at all ditching them.

Other items like business shirts saw more regular use, but no longer fit the styling goals I have in mind, and what I wanted to do was to remove the option of lazily picking them out, to avoid any retrograde motion.

When you are convinced you are taking the right decision, everything seems to stem easily from that source of certainty, and I am certain I am moving in the right direction.

Onward to Armani Man.


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