Giorgio Armani Zurich

On a journey via Zurich I stopped off in Bahnhofstrasse and had a quick look at the Giorgio Armani boutique on the corner of Paradeplatz. This is just about as downtown Zurich as it is possible to be — situated in the same building where Credit Suisse sells kilo bars of fine gold and other precious metals over-the-counter. Not surprisingly given recent shopping sprees there is not much new on the racks during this visit, but interesting to note the staff warmed up considerably when they realized I was wearing a current-season Armani sweater.


The Value of Armani Suit Covers

At the high-end, all the little details matter — even the selection of the material used for the suit covers seems to be important to somebody, as it is lighter and softer than many other covers I have seen before, as well as reflecting the black label styling. Again, at this level you are buying symbolism, engendered by the connoitations of the brand name, and if it is going to say Giorgio Armani, it had better say it the right way. Otherwise, what is the point?

Prada 2DD031

On a quiet Friday a few weeks back I visited Prada in Munich and spotted some very nice new shoes. Sadly they did not have my size.

But these shoes are so new that they are not yet on the internet.

The Prada product code in the shop was 2DD031. Googling the Prada code usually reveals thousands of links.

This search produced precisely none.

Two days later they appeared for the first time on a search:

Prada 2DD031, in Black


Have I become so fashionable/stylish that I have discovered a new product before anyone else?

How did this happen?