Paying Giorgio Armani Prices

I had a couple of comments wondering if this was just some fantasy site — some guy wandering around photographing various Armani stores and waxing lyrical about threads and drapes.

There is an element of that fantasy in this project, for sure: a degree of buying into the brand image, associating with what it personifies, and living in a slightly shifted, somewhat pretentious mental state.

But the buying in is real, not allegorical, as these receipts from Giorgio Armani boutiques in Florence and Munich demonstrate fairly vividly:-

Coincidentally, these payment slips also show the variety of instant discounts you can get in the highest level of Giorgio Armani boutique, just by asking politely and fairly quietly.

There are many more purchases from more recent months, also from Prada, but they spoil the symmetry of this shot — and as we now all know, how things look is more important than what they cost.


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