There is no Giorgio Armani in Mexico City

A short business trip to Mexico City, and a side visit to Avenida Presidente Masaryk in the Polanco district, home of Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci – but no Giorgio Armani.

I was a little surprised, as Mexico City is one of those places with plenty of rich and plenty of poor, and the rich are fairly visible. You would think Armani clothing would be ideal for these kind of climates and this kind of society, but sadly it seems only Emporio Armani can be found in Mexico City, and this project is not going to sink to that level.

After shortly popping in to a couple of the usual high-end shops clustered in this area, and feeling decidely uninspired by the jewel-encrusted timepieces and logo-ridden vulgarities, I was quite pleased to find a very understated, charcoal blue tie at Hermes, and for the first time since Christmas, I went off-brand and impulse-bought it.

While not Armani, Hermes make fine products, with similarly discreet logos, and I don’t feel that bad about this purchase.

I will be back in Mexico City before long; but perhaps I will find more luck in Geneva next week, or Paris in July.


Some new information. Please read the comment below from Alex about a store-in-store in Sakes 5th Avenue, Santa Fe.


2 responses to “There is no Giorgio Armani in Mexico City

  1. Brioni on Masaryk was originally a Giorgio Armani boutique, later it became an Emporio Armani store with an Armani Caffe on top. Besides Emporio Armani current store, Armani Collezioni corners in most outposts of Palacio de Hierro department store and both of Saks 5th Ave. stores, there’s a Giorgio Armani store in store at Saks 5th Ave. store in Santa Fe (and usually on sale)

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