More Shoes from Prada

Back in December a savvy Giorgio Armani employee in Florence advised me that the only shoes that really go with Armani clothing are those made by Prada, and how true that has turned out to be. Giorgio Armani makes incredibly elegant, subtle clothes, but the shoes just don’t have the same degree of elan. Prada, on the other hand, makes wonderful shoes, and they look fantastic with Armani clothing; it is no coincidence, I think, that Giorgio Armani and Prada shops are typically co-located. Last week I purchased my fourth pair of Prada shoes, handing over US$465.00 with satisfaction. They are probably the most stylish and yet practical pair I have found to date, extremely comfortable and solid, good for work and leisure use. Wearing Prada shoes + Giorgio Armani clothes I actually feel very different, and it is a nice feeling.


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