Giorgio Armani Addiction

Once again I survey the pile of receipts from recent shopping trips and wonder: is this excessive, compulsive or addictive behaviour? I don’t think so. I feel quite rational in my choices during shopping trips, constantly rejecting items the sales assistants bring for approval, carefully selecting only 1-2 items per trip – and sometimes nothing, if there is nothing that works. Frequently I will visit a boutique anonymously and leave without trying anything. But last week was a bit of splurge, for sure, the biggest since December: in total I spent around $7,500 on Giorgio Armani clothing, Prada shoes and a Louis Vuitton briefcase in just 2-3 days. While more than half of it is due to the briefcase, which I view as a one-time item, the rest seems to be related to the arrival of the new Fall/Winter collection, and the release of several new items that I liked. If this holds true, I can probably expect there will be larger waves of expenditure twice a year.


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