The Impact of Armani Clothing

In recent days I have begun to wear Armani almost all the time – to work, on the street, around the house. I now own around 35-40 pieces of Giorgio Armani or Prada, and as I commented to my wife just last week, it is getting harder to dress in anything but Armani. Today as I sit in my office at the computer I am wearing Giorgio Armani shirt, pants, belt and sweater, and Prada shoes.

So what has been the impact? Perhaps a good illustration is to recount one nice story from work just last week.

I went to my head office, where I am well known, and entered one of the other departments. The office was empty but several staff were gathered at the coffee area outside chatting. One of my colleagues came running into the office after me and said “Can I help you?”, as if talking to a stranger, and then did a slightly odd double take. I thought it was a little odd at the time, and just said I wanted to leave some papers, which I did and left.

I found out the next day that this lady then confessed to her colleagues that she had not recognized me, despite having worked with me for more than two years. The story was related to me by another colleague standing in the coffee group. Several other people have commented that I look thinner or different – one (Italian) even asked if I was being dressed by Armani nowadays.

On the street I have noticed that I get a lot of quick, almost furtive glances from both men and women. To be honest I am used to anonymity, but now that I have noticed this attention I watch out for it and mentally keep count as I walk along a street. In stores I have noticed that attendants are more attentive, willing to spend more time with me than before, somehow taking me more seriously. This is especially true in the high end stores.

Finally I think I feel better presented and more stylish than ever in my life. Wearing these clothes has become the norm, not the exception. The clothes feel comfortable, I know they look good, and that makes me more relaxed.

I talk a lot about price on this journal, but it is now never a factor if I decide I want to buy something; I am however quite selective about what I buy, perhaps more so than at the start of this project. Even within the Giorgio Armani line I have found a sub-niche that suites me: the classic lines that cling a little bit around the torso and flow off the body to a single break at the shoeline. One assistant in the Munich shop has said that now she knows “my style”, she will call me when new things arrive that work.

It’s an interesting new outlook.


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