The Next Giorgio Armani?

It’s been an interesting couple of months recently, and my personal journey to style seems to be combining two or three strands of my life.

The things I have learned while writing this blog and delving into the world of style has re-opened some old doors and created some new ones.

Right now I am seriously considering – almost committing – to starting a stylish luxury brand, in a small but serious way.

Last week this process culminated in the hiring of an ex-Dior/Givenchy designer to help illustrate and sketch the new products, and discussion on costs and samples with an Italian textiles factory. The brand concept is in the hands of a UK-based designer. It’s all a little strange and exciting.

Do I have what it takes to do what this man did? I doubt it. But I don’t need to replicate him to be inspired by him.

I’m still not sure this departure will happen, however:-

  • I have the capital
  • I have solid ideas on several aspects of the design and marketing
  • There is a good fit in the family
  • It might just be fun.

The focus would be just one item of accessory clothing initially, but made with the most luxurious materials and careful design elements possible. The timeline is tight – these pieces have to be out for January for the shows and collections. But I think that is doable.

Could I really move from becoming an Armani Man to becoming a Mini Armani?

Your comments welcome.


2 responses to “The Next Giorgio Armani?

  1. Enjoying reading your journal. Sounds like an interesting project starting your own luxury brand, what have you landed on in terms of a product? I see you’re from Munich. I’m based in Graefelfing. I’m looking forward to your further entries.



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