Back to the Clothes : Giorgio Armani SS13

I’ve been on my semi-annual shopping spree in the past couple of weeks, picking up 8 new Armani pieces, including two coats, some limited edition jeans, a new sweater to replace one that got “broken” and a Spring/Summer 2013 double cashmere top that is incredibly soft and luxurious.

The SS13 collection is nice, but the women’s looks are massively more elegant and “Armani”. I was perusing some incredibly flowing, space-age greys and silvers from this collection on Fashionista last night, and wondering why those colours and materials aren’t featured in the men’s collection.

For sure these are very feminine, but something with this kind of sharp, effortless drape and extremely soft fall – tailored for men and minus the hat and handbag, at least in my case – would be fantastic. And that v-slit on the neckline is perfect.


I am on the lookout for a pair of delicate, informal, classically flowing Armani summer pants, and a men’s version of some of these pieces would be exceptionally welcome. But I can’t see anything either in the runway shots or on the racks. I wonder if the two lines spring from different creative visions?

Side note: Just re-reading these paragraphs makes me pause to consider how my thinking on fashion and style has shifted over the year of this project; to say that I view clothing in a new way is an understatement.


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