Giorgio Armani Limited Edition Jeans


I am now wearing what must be the absolute last word in designer jeans, which I bought in Giorgio Armani Florence, where this whole project began just over a year ago. According to the label these Giorgio Armani jeans are not only made from special Japanese denim, which is incredibly soft; and not just top-of-the-line GA – also a special Limited Edition; but they also feature gold-plated hardware. Yes, gold-plated, which may partially explain the $1,125 price tag. I’ve wanted, but resisted, buying Giorgio Armani jeans for a while now, as the latest collections featured a huge metal GA logo on the standard items which reminded me of brash Gucci logos, but after being convinced by Stefano at GA Florence to try them on, I had to buy them. This logo is still a bit bright, but the pants looked and felt so good I could not say “no”. To be honest, as nice as they are, I’m still not sure I like the idea of gold-plated jeans…


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