Awesome Giorgio Armani SS2014 Collection

Typically I’m a bigger fan of the Fall/Winter styles, but this is a knockout Giorgio Armani collection for next summer. Numerous excellent, soft jackets, some with really outstanding lapel details and interesting gorges; pants that derive gently from the sportier FW2013 collection, and most importantly models who look like they can wear these clothes properly in the real world. There were even some shoes I really liked, which is unusual. Sometimes when you talk to Giorgio Armani boutique staff they will discuss which collections have been strong or weak sellers, but I can already see that SS2014 will be a popular direction, and I’ll personally be picking up several of these items. Awesome collection.


One response to “Awesome Giorgio Armani SS2014 Collection

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing the FW2014 collection, looks like a winner!
    I like the grey-white and black-grey garments and particularly some of the leather bags. I wonder if they improved on craftsmanship of the leather items. I’m a proud owner of a now 9 years old leather weekender I’ve brought in Florence, style-wise still looking great and timeless besides two repairs of handle stitching probably due to heavy use. Although made in Italy, I guess they’ve used inappropriate yarn. Still a pity for a 1.000 € piece. The used bull leather is extremely thick yet very soft and smooth, Love it!

    As for the show, music and choreography are pretty cool too, although this goes without saying with GA 😉
    Keep on sharing your experience on this great brand!

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