Another Giorgio Armani Suit Teaches Me a Lesson

Another day, another acquisition. This time a jet black suit ($1500 minus the 10% discount) that looks about 1000% Giorgio Armani.

With an Armani blue shirt, Hermes tie (acquired in Mexico) and Prada shoes I took on a major business meeting in the USA feeling relaxed and confident.

It took a while to pick this one out, as “fashionably black” is not a typical look for me, but I have to admit I am starting to understand the black thing.

Normally I would not have touched black clothes, now I am seeing the possibilities for coordinating more easily with a wide range of other Armani colours and styles. I am constantly surprised at how this little detour into fashion, style, appearance – yes, even narcissism, about which I will write some more in the future – is teaching me things that I would have considered utterly superficial just a few months ago.

It reminds me of a clever little scene in The Devil Wears Prada:-

It is a little odd that I although I once laughed at this scene from the point of view of neophyte Andy, I now find it funny from the point of view of Miranda, and quite realistic to boot.

I guess you are never too old to learn something new.


Giorgio Armani Details

At the high-end the tailoring of a suit has to be impeccable, flawless. The above detail of a new ready-to-wear Giorgio Armani suit I bought less than a week ago shows the neat, perfect edging of the lining, and the deep lustre of the button chosen, no doubt with great care and thought, to close an out-of-sight internal pocket.

Giorgio Armani Fabric

The textiles used by Giorgio Armani are hugely impressive. One of the first things you notice after the styling is the way the clothes sweep and drop off the body in very natural folds and flows, displaying what tailors call the drape of the fabric, as well as the way the designer has used the cut and direction of the weave to create shape.