Is Giorgio Armani reading this blog?

Back in downtown Zurich and waiting for a connecting train, I am burning an hour drifting around the shops. But something has changed at Giorgio Armani since my last critical visit:-


Hmm. Perhaps just a coincidence, but within a few weeks of some negative commentary this branch is now closed for refurbishment.

My more egoistic side wants to believe that someone at Armani reads this blog – and more importantly reacts to it. Maybe (and more likely) I am just getting good at spotting strengths and weaknesses in the way Armani is presented. Maybe (most likely of all) this is simply part of a scheduled maintenance programme, and this store was already listed for an upgrade.

But whatever the reason, I have to say I find it quite reassuring that Armani management has decided this store was deemed below par, because compared to several others, it really was.

I am intrigued to see what they will do to make this store better, and to find out if this is part of a broader Giorgio Armani upgrade programme.


Giorgio Armani Zurich

On a journey via Zurich I stopped off in Bahnhofstrasse and had a quick look at the Giorgio Armani boutique on the corner of Paradeplatz. This is just about as downtown Zurich as it is possible to be — situated in the same building where Credit Suisse sells kilo bars of fine gold and other precious metals over-the-counter. Not surprisingly given recent shopping sprees there is not much new on the racks during this visit, but interesting to note the staff warmed up considerably when they realized I was wearing a current-season Armani sweater.